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7.25 HS HT-80 Drill Pipe / Casing Tong
Assuring Down Hole Tubular Integrity

Eckel's NEW 7.25 HS HT-80 combination Drill Pipe and High Torque Casing Tong sets a high standard for reliable performance with a fast makeup of 38 RPM's and 80K ft-lbs maximum torque and an outstanding 70K rotational torque within a rugged, high performance package. Explore the 7.25 HS HT-80 with our 360 degree product showcase tour. This engaging 360 view of the 7.25 HS HT-80 includes hotspots and call-out for a detailed look at some of the features of our new drill pipe / casing tong.

Eckel presents the next generation of drill pipe / casing tongs

Product Showcase

7.25 HS HT-80 Combination Drill Pipe and Casing Tong

NEW for 2016! Eckel 7.25 Hydra-Shift® HT-80 Tong - Casing and Drill Pipe Tong

The new 7.25 HS HT-80 for Drill Pipe and High Torque Casing Tong takes on the toughest job with make-up and break-out of drill pipe, drill collars and high torque casing with a maximum torque of 80,000 ft-lbs and a outstanding rotational torque of 70,000 ft-lbs. The 7.25 HS HT-80 is available with a two-speed Hydra-Shift motor coupled with a two-speed gear train providing (4) torque levels and (4) RPM speeds. The variable speeds can slowly or quickly spin tubulars 2-3/8 through 7-1/4 inch as necessary. Having exceptional gripping capabilities with rig dies for drill pipe or wrap-around dies that securely encompass the tubular to limit potential for damage. The 7.25 HS HT-80 is also available with either Eckel Pyramid Fine Tooth dies or True-Grit dies for running chrome tubulars. The 7.25 HS HT-80 is another of our tongs models that exceeds the competition in its class.

Wedge Drive Tri-Grip® Backup (8 in.)

The WD Tri-Grip® Backup is a high performance no compromise backup that is suitable for make-up and break-out of the most resilient connections. The WD Tri-Grip® Backup features a three head design that encompasses the tubular that applies an evenly distributed gripping force. The backup is capable of handling tubulars from 2 3/8 in. to 8 in. (60.3 - 203.2 mm). A constant radial load is applied when a single wedge drive to actuate the front two pivot heads with a third stationary head providing a reactionary force to provide a superior gripping performance. Wedge Drive Tri-Grip Backup has exceptional gripping capabilities with Rig Dies when running drill pipe or optional Eckel Wrap-Around True-Grit® dies or Pyramid Fine Tooth dies for making up other types of tubulars.

Exceptional Gripping Performance

The new 7.25 HS HT-80 features two sliding heads in the tong and three heads in the backup that are fitted with rig dies for drill pipe operations or Wrap-Around dies for casing operations to provide exceptional gripping capabilities. Available with Rig Dies, Pyramid Fine Tooth dies or True-Grit dies for running chrome tubulars.

Exceptional Operational Performance

The new 7.25 HS HT-80 features a flexible choice of Torque & RPM with Hydra-Shift® Motor and Two Speed Gear Train, (4) Torque Levels / (4) RPM Speeds.

  • Faster Make-up with a maximum rotation speed of 38 rpm.

  • Maximum Torque: 80,000 ft-lbs (108465.4 Nm)

Safety Features

Increasing crew and rig safety is a top priority today along with reducing pipe handling time. Eckel incoporates several features on the 7.25 HS HT-80 to enhance overall tong operation and safety:

  • Tong Door Actuator - Guarantees the tong door stays closed while reducing crew hands around the tong opening.

  • Finger Guard Shield - Alleviates a possible pinch poing between the tong body and tong door without limiting the tong door operation.

  • Door Interlock prevents accidental operation of the power tong when the door is open. The door interlock prevents tong operation whenever the tong door is open by impeding hydraulic fluid to the tong motor.

  • Case Handles designed for improved safety when handling the tong. Up to four Case Handles can be optionally mounted on most tong models. Large top and bottom caps help protect the operator when maneuvering the tong on and off the tubulars

Conformité Européene - European Conformity, Eckel's equipment can be ordered with CE marking that our equipment complies with the requirements of product directives. CE Marking on a product ensures the the product can be leagally place on the market and the free movement of the product within EFTA & Eurpean Union.

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