14 HS-60 with
Space Saver® Technology

Casing Tong: 4 - 14 in.

Exceptional performance, operational speed, and improved crew safety!
  • 60,000 ft-lbs (81349 Nm) Maximum Torque
  • Hydra-Shift® Motor
  • Flexible Choice of Torque & RPM with Hydra-Shift Motor and Two Speed Gear Train, (4) Torque Levels / (4) RPM Speeds
  • Self Aligning Throat
  • Safety enhanced design with integrated door interlock located within tong body for added protection.
  • Touchless Space Saver® Door Technology
  • Space Saver® Door - reduced operational footprint* for tong while providing touchless door operation that greatly enhances safety
  • Space Saver® Door technology and Case Stiffiner technology are covered by one more U.S. and/or foreign patents and pending applications
  • Drop-in Style Bracket/Mount Shaft Encoder
  • Wedge Drive Tri-Grip® Backup
  • Wrap-Around Dies or Rig Dies: Steel Fine Tooth / Coarse Tooth

  • * No increase in tong length with door open.
Product Description

14 HS-60 Tong

New for 2020, the Eckel Model 14 HS-60 handles pipe from 4 inches to 14 inches while delivering 60,000 ft-lb of torque in low-speed, low-gear. The tong includes two highly popular technologies Hydra-Shift® speed-shifting and a touchless Space Saver® door. A two-speed Hydra-Shift motor is coupled with a two-speed gear train to provide (4) torque levels and (4) RPM speeds, allowing remarkable control of the connection while providing a very smooth and high integrity connection. The touchless Space Saver door technology that hydraulically opens vertically. This significantly improves crew safety, speed of operation, and tong performance.

Fully Enclosed Safety Door Interlock - Enhanced Safety

The safety door interlock prevents tong operation when the tong door is open. Now enclosed within the tong body providing a tamper resistant concealment from operator circumvention. Accidental damage of the door interlock by hydraulic fluids, tubular connection or other external forces is also greatly minimized. A front panel provides access to the door inter-lock for any maintenance required

Wedge Drive Tri-Grip® Backup

The WD Tri-Grip® Backup is a high performance no compromise backup that is suitable for make-up and break-out of the most resilient connections. The WD Tri-Grip® Backup features a three head design that encompasses the tubular that applies an evenly distributed gripping force. The backup is capable of handling tubulars from 3½ in. to 11 in. (88.9 - 279.4 mm). A constant radial load is applied with a single wedge drive to actuate the front two pivot heads with a third stationary head providing a reactionary force to provide a superior gripping performance. Wedge Drive Tri-Grip®Backup has exceptional gripping capabilities with Eckel Wrap-Around, True-Grit® dies or Pyramid Fine Tooth dies for making up other types of tubulars.

Technical Specifications
Tong Specifications
Capacity4 - 14 in. (101.6 - 355.6 mm)
Dimensions39.5 x 63.5 in. (1003.3 x 1612.9 mm)
Weight[1]2,750 lbs. (1247.4 kg)*
Maximum Torque @ 2,500 psi (172 bar)
High-High4,750 ft-lbs (6440 Nm)
High-Low9,500 ft-lb (12880 Nm)
Low-High30,000 ft-lb (40675 Nm)
Low-Low60,000 ft-lb (81349 Nm)
Maximum RPM @ 65 GPM (246 LPM)
High-High75 rpm
High-Low38 rpm
Low-High11 rpm
Low-Low5.5 rpm
Handle Length40.5 in. (1028.7 mm)
Backup Specifications
Backup TypeWedge Drive Tri-Grip®Backup
Capacity4 - 15.5 in. (101.6 - 393.7 mm)
Dimensions[2]44.5 x 68 in. (1130.3 x 1727.2 mm)
Weight[1][2]4,800 lbs. (2177.2 kg)
Load Cell Type Compression or Tension
Handle Length[2]40.5 in. (1028.7 mm)

[1]Weight Approximate, [2]Tong and Backup

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