5½ Hydra-Shift® UHT

Tubing Tong: 1.050 - 5½ in.

Uncompromising features with high torque!
  • 32,000 ft-lbs (443386 Nm) Maximum Torque
  • Patented Case Stiffener Technology Enhanced
  • Flexible Choice of Torque & RPM with
    Hydra-Shift® Motor and Two Speed GearM
    Train, (4) Torque Levels / (4) RPM Speeds
  • Quick Changing Sliding Heads
  • Self Aligning Throat
  • Radial Lock Door
  • Drill Pipe Capable
  • Optional: Tri-Grip® Backup
Product Description

The all-new Model 5½ HS UHT (Model E) tong provides world-class performance for today's premium tubing, casing, and drill pipe connections. A redesigned and enhanced gear train along with CASE STIFFENER technology offers a maximum torque of 32,000 ft-lbs. The Eckel 5½ HS UHT Tong open throat design provides exceptional gripping capabilities on all sizes from 2-1/16 - 5½ in. (52.4 - 139.7) in diameter and with the optional WD Tri-Grip® Backup sizes from 2 1/16 - 6½ in. (52.4 – 165.1 mm).

Our patent-pending CASE STIFFENER technology enhances overall torque to provide consistent torque output. Having a high full 360° rotational torque and speed-shifting capability ensures the tong can makeup special torque-turn connections that require continuous rotation. Also, the CASE STIFFENER technology reduces stress and wear on the rotary gear teeth. A two-speed Hydra-Shift® motor is coupled with a two-speed gear train to provide (4) torque levels and (4) RPM speeds allowing unprecedented control of the connection.

Wedge Drive Tri-Grip® Backup

The WD Tri-Grip® Backup is a high performance no compromise backup that is suitable for make-up and break-out of the most resilient connections. The WD Tri-Grip® Backup features a three head design that encompasses the tubular that applies an evenly distributed gripping force. The backup is capable of handling tubulars from 3½ in. to 11 in. (88.9 - 279.4 mm). A constant radial load is applied with a single wedge drive to actuate the front two pivot heads with a third stationary head providing a reactionary force to provide a superior gripping performance. Wedge Drive Tri-Grip®Backup has exceptional gripping capabilities with Eckel Wrap-Around, True-Grit® dies or Pyramid Fine Tooth dies for making up other types of tubulars.

Technical Specifications
Tong Specifications
Capacity2 1/16 - 5½ in. (52.4 - 139.7)
Dimensions34½ x 58½ in. (876.3 x 1485.9 mm)
Weight[1]1,800 lb (816.5 kg)v
Handle Length32½ in. (825.5 mm)
Maximum Torque @ 2,500 psi (172 bar)
High-High3,900 ft-lb (5288 Nm)
High-Low7,800 ft-lb (10575 Nm)
Low-High17,000 ft-lb (23727 Nm)
Low-Low32,000 ft-lb (43386 Nm)
Maximum RPM @ 65 GPM (172 LPM)
High-High125 rpm
High-Low60 rpm
Low-High25 rpm
Low-Low12 rpm
Backup Specifications
Backup TypeTri-Grip®
Capacity2 1/16 - 6.050 in. (52.4 - 153.7 mm)
Dimensions[2]38.5 x 56 in. (977.9 x 1422.4 mm)
Weight[1][2]2,650 lb (1202.0 kg)
Load Cell Type Compression or Tension
Handle Length[2]32½ in. (825.5 mm)

[1]Weight Approximate, [2]Tong and Backup

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