Eckel Top Drive®

Casing Tong: 1.050 - 10 5/8 in.

High quality connection and safer operating environment!
  • Torque and Speed Controlled through Power Swivel
  • Spring Loaded Jaws
  • Proven Technology as found in Eckel Power Tongs
  • 3 Gripping Surfaces
Product Description

Eckel Top Drive Tong

The Eckel Top Drive Casing Tong is a tool developed for use on hydraulic top drive rigs to provide a high quality connection while reducing tubular damage and providing a safer enviroment for crews. With an operating capacity of 4 1/2 inch through 10 5/8 inch, is connected to the output stem of the power swivel. After installation the tong becomes an integral part of the swivel, raising and lowering as a unit and transfering the power swivel's RPM and torque to the pipe/connection. A guide attached beneath the top drive tong simplifies alignment of the collar within the tong. Once the collar of the pipe is enclosed within the top drive tong, the tong will grip the collar by operating the power swivel. Torque and rotational speed are controlled through the operation of the power swivel. Reversal of the power swivel will cause the tong jaws to release. Tong jaws are spring loaded to retract away from the collar. Utilizing three gripping jaws and a patented Eckel Cam Biting System to grip the pipe collar. The same type of proven biting system found in the industry leading Eckel Power Tongs. These jaws are spaced evenly about the circumference of the collar to provide even distribution of the gripping forces

Technical Specifications
Top Drive Specifications
Capacity4 1/2 - 10 5/8 in (114 - 270 mm)
Height26.5 in (673.1 mm)
Size22.5 in (571.5 mm)
Weight[1]860 lb (390 kg)

[1]Weight Approximate, [2]Tong and Backup

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