Eckel Electric Power Unit

Full Frame
  • 50HP-50HZ, 50HP/60HZ
  • 60HP/50HZ, 60HP/60HZ
  • 4 Point Lift
  • Air Blast Heat Exchanger
  • Radiant Heat Exchanger
  • Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Cold Weather
  • Low Temperature Oil
  • Special Configurations for Hazardous Locations:
  • Class1-Division 1 - Group D
Product Description

Electric Power Unit

Electric Power Unit

Eckel's power units are designed to provide maximum power output from a compact and rugged design. Electric units are available to provide reliable power (65 GPM and 2,500 psi) to tubing tongs and other applications. Hydraulic power units are available in standard or custom designed configurations. Our units meet the industry's highest standard through every step of design, manufacture, and quality-control. Expendable parts are specially selected from the best recognized brands for easy replacement in any part of the world.

Technical Specifications
Width60 in. (1524 mm)
Length84 in. (2134 mm)
Height65 in. (1651 mm)
Weight[1]4,550 lbs (2063.8 kg)

[1]Weight Approximate

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