5½ Hydra-Shift® LS

Tubing Tong 1.050 - 5½ in.

Compact Side and Big Torque!
  • 17,000 ft-lbs (23049 Nm) Maximum Torque
  • Hydra-Shift® Speed Shifting
  • Two Speed Gear Train
  • Quick Changing Sliding Heads
  • Self Aligning Throat
  • Radial Lock Door
  • Optional: Tri-Grip® Backup
Product Description

5½ Hydra-Shift® LS Tong

Compact Size and Big Torque! If this is what you are looking for in a power tong, look no further. Our 5½ Hydra-Shift® is sized smaller in width than our 5½ Standard model. Like all of our newly developed tongs, the 5½ incorporates the Hydra-Shift® technology, allowing the operator to shift from high speed to low speed without having to shift the tong manually. You will see many years of trouble-free operation, not to mention the smoother hydraulic shifting. With two models to choose from, Eckel has the right 5½ Hydra-Shift® for your needs. The 5½ Hydra-Shift® LS with a two-speed motor and a single-speed gear train is the original 5½ Hydra-Shift® which has gained wide acceptance in the industry. Slide heads with rig dies are available for handling drill pipe tool joints.

Tri-Grip® Backup

The Tri-Grip® Backup is the industry standard for reliable make-up and break-out of tubular connections that are optionally supplied with Eckel tongs. Utilizing two hydraulic cylinders and a three head arrangement ensures a slip-free operation. The backup is suspended at an adjustable level below the power tong employing three hanger legs and allows the backup to remain stationary while the power tong moves vertically to compensate for the connection's thread travel. The Tri-Grip® uses two pivoting heads and one stationary. The Eckel Tri-Grip® Backup has exceptional gripping capabilities with Rig Dies when running drill pipe or optional Eckel Wrap-Around True-Grit® dies or Pyramid Fine Tooth dies for making up other types of tubular.

Technical Specifications
Tong Specifications
Capacity2 1/16 - 5½ in. (52.4 - 139.7 mm)
Dimensions24 x 49 in. (609.6 x 1244.6 mm)
Weight[1]1,340 lb (607.8 kg)
Maximum Torque @ 2,000 psi (138 bar)
High7,000 ft-lb (9491 Nm)
Low15,000 ft-lb (20337 Nm)
Maximum Torque @ 2,500 psi (172 bar)
High9,000 ft-lb (12202 Nm)
Low17,000 ft-lb (23049 Nm)
Maximum RPM @ 40 GPM (151.4 LPM)
High45 rpm
Low20 rpm
Handle Length28.5 in. (723.9 mm)
Backup Specifications
Backup TypeTri-Grip®
Capacity2 1/16 - 6.050 in. (26.7 - 153.7 mm)
Dimensions[2]34 x 49 in. (863.6 x 1244.6 mm)
Weight[1][2]2,300 lb (1043.3 kg)
Load Cell TypeCompression or Tension
Handle Length[2]28.5 in. (723.9 mm)

[1]Weight Approximate, [2]Tong and Backup

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